Phone: 304-596-6630

115 North Queen Street
Martinsburg, WV 25401
Community Pool

Pool Hours

Please bring your ID and membership card each time you visit the pool.  If your photo ID address conflicts with the address associated with your membership card please bring proof of you living at this address.  If you have children 13 and older who can come to the pool with an adult, it is necessary for them to have some type of ID stating they live at this address (take picture of your ID and put it on their phones, etc) We are enforcing this to avoid the incidents of people not living in our community from using the pool.  If you are aware of someone who does not live in Spring Mills and is using our pool, please let the guards know and they will contact Erin or Tammy.  Thank you!!


How do I get access to the pool?

Access to the Spring Mills Community Park is a privilege that comes with living in our development. Once residents pay their annual dues, they will receive their pool pass at the pool. No payments for dues can be accepted at the pool.

If Renting
To receive your pool pass you must contact your landlord. Renters can only receive the pool pass from their landlord.

No resident will be issued a pool pass unless all dues and, if applicable, fines are paid.