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Swim Lessons June 3, 2019

Spring Mills Pool will be offering swim lessons for younger children (limited space).  We will also offer private lessons.  This is available for Spring Milss residents only.  The group lessons are in July and the instructor will notify you concerning private lesson times.  Please stop at the pool to get more information and a registration form.  Deadline for registration for group lessons is July 1.  Deadline for registration for private lessons is June 9.Thank you Read More

"A Few Good People" October 7, 2018

Dear Neighbors: It is time to think about the future of our lovely community.  Your managing association needs, to paraphrase a popular ad, “a few good people” to give of their time to make sure the quality of life and the values of our properties remain strong. Adam Smith, in his book Wealth of Nations wrote, “People act out of enlightened self interest.”  For most of us our home is our #1 asset – it protecting that investment isn’t in your self interest, what is?  The value of your community is directly related to the quality of your home owners… Read More

Flag Etiquette October 7, 2018

From the “If we knew better we’d do better” department. I got a call from a longtime resident asking for an article on flag etiquette.  Seems that he and his neighbor, a retired Marine (there are no “former” Marines – once a Marine, always a Marine) were lamenting the lack of respect show our flag around the neighborhood.  I don’t think it is a lack of respect, for the most part, but rather a lack of knowledge on the part of those choosing to display the flag. Here ae some of the “do’s and don’ts”; Worn or soiled flags should… Read More

Please consider joining the Board of Directors for Spring Mills June 2, 2018

At the general meeting in February I laid out the complexities of our community – having a business association and a residential association – and the complexities of the budgeting process.  What I forgot to cover was the “good news” items. When I studied accounting for my business management degree back in the BC era (before computers), I would spend my evenings with an adding machine, adding up columns of numbers and cross-balancing spreadsheets.  The first thing I learned is that I could never be an accountant. The second thing I learned was the process. Then the magic happened –… Read More

A SPECIAL THANKS! June 2, 2018

In this past year your association has placed over 10,000 plastic bags for pet waste throughout the community.  That is over 10,000 piles of pet waste that didn’t get left along our walking paths and streets. THANK YOU! Unfortunately there appears a few that chose to continue to allow their pets to soil our community and not pick up after their pets. For the 98% that enjoy living in a clean and well kept community, we will continue to stock our pet bag boxes.  To the other 2% we will continue to enforce the Berkeley County Dog Ordinance which reads… Read More

We Need Your Help! June 2, 2018

It is very sad for me to see no one is interested in serving on the Spring Mills Board. When we were given the responsibility of managing the Spring Mills Community in 2005, many residents stepped up to the challenge. It was my feeling this was important. As a property owner, I wanted do my part to help keep this development in good condition. If you are an owner you should be also concerned about the condition of your development, and keeping the value of your home growing. Since the home owners took over in 2005, the board has worked… Read More


As noted in the fall newsletter, the Association determined there was a need to specify the violation enforcement process for those properties which remain non-compliant when it comes to the Association’s CC&Rs.  Below is the formally adopted procedure, which becomes effective March 1, 2018: SPRING MILLS SUBDIVISION UNIT OWNERS ASSOCIATION, INC. POLICY RESOLUTION NO. 2017-02 VIOLATION ENFORCEMENT PROCEDURES WHEREAS, Article III, Section 17 (f) of the Spring Mills Subdivision Unit Owners Association, Inc., (“Association”) Bylaws, the Association’s Board of Directors (Board) has the authority to make and amend rules and regulations; WHEREAS, Article IX, Section 3 of the Declaration of… Read More

Spring Mills 2018 Annual Meeting: Tuesday, February 27th February 1, 2018

MARK YOUR CALENDAR FOR TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 27, 2018 FOR THE SPRING MILLS SUBDIVISION UNIT ASSOCIATION’S ANNUAL MEETING! All residents of the Spring Mills Subdivision are automatically members of the Unit Owners’ Association by virtue of owning property in our subdivision. Our annual meeting is where you can learn about the activities of the managing Board of Directors and the issues regarding our subdivision. Bring your questions, concerns and suggestions on how we can make Spring Mills an even better community to live in. You will get an update on our financial condition, changes in Board membership and much more. We… Read More

President Message January 4, 2018

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season and you’re off to a great new year. Once again, the neighborhood was aglow in beautiful decorations. I remember this time last year we were enjoying much warmer weather than we are now, but so far not much snow. Perhaps we’ll luck out and have a mild snow fall. I know the students and teachers in our neighborhood might not appreciate little to no snow, but let’s wait and see what Mother Nature has in store for us. Our community continues to grow with all the homes being built… Read More


We are pleased to announce the upcoming Spring Mills Christmas Decorating contest. Before you know it, that time will be here, and many of our neighbors celebrate by lighting up their homes and yards with festive lights and decorations. The top three creative, festive and eye-catching decorations will be posted on our Spring Mills website and printed in the next issue of the Spring Mills Bulletin. This is a great opportunity to show off your creativity! Judges will be coming through the neighborhood on or around December 12th with rain and/or snow dates of the 14th or 15th so be… Read More

Volunteers Needed December 3, 2017

Dear Friends and Neighbors: For the past twelve years I have had the privilege of serving on your association Board of Directors in various functions from Compliance Officer to President; currently I am the Treasurer.  When I joined the Board I told everyone that I had two motivations in serving, protecting the value of my property and maintain the quality of the neighborhood – the two are connected. When I joined the Board we were fortunate to have Board members with practical business experience because the developer handed us a box of papers and a few dollars to get started… Read More

Non-Compliance December 3, 2017

In a perfect world, as an HOA we would love for every property owner, resident, and guest to maintain their property appropriately and abide by courteous and lawful behavioral standards at all times.  Unfortunately, reality dictates otherwise. Although we have relatively few issues of non-compliance in Spring Mills, it does occur – whether it be a property with knee-high grass, trash cans left out regularly, or a documented and repeated nuisance such as a noisy business being run out of a home or garage.  So what happens next? We always prefer to start the enforcement process with a “friendly reminder,”… Read More

Santa Claus to Visit Spring Mills September 4, 2017

Saturday, December 9, 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. Santa will ride through the community on the Bedington fire truck and then greet all his fans at the community park. Bring your camera or phone to get photos!  Read More

When “Stop” means “Stop”! August 20, 2017

When I go for my morning walk around the neighborhood I am always impressed with the way our community maintains its property.  Walking down tree lined streets and admiring the gardens and plantings is impressive.  My estimate is that 98% of our community is picture quality all the time. What does concern me though is the disrespect a few of our residents show our traffic management efforts.  As we have grown and some of our homes have turned over through the years, we seem to have accumulated a few people who think the speed limit signs are a quaint suggestion,… Read More

How to Communicate with your Board August 20, 2017

How Shall Thee Communicate? Let me count the ways!  Spring Mills provides numerous methods for residents to communicate with the Association’s management company and Board of Directors: WEBSITE - If you simply need a little information, including a copy of the governing documents, an Architectural Change form, a Code Violation Report form, online payment link, photo gallery, community news, or contact information, the Spring Mills website at is the place for you!   EMAIL – If you would like to submit one of the aforementioned forms, or have a specific question or concern, email is our preferred method of… Read More

Understanding the CCRS August 20, 2017

Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) Each year around 10% of our houses change hands through life style changes, deaths, foreclosure, etc. and new owners join our community.  In that mountain of papers to be signed at closing is a notice about the covenants and restrictions verifying that the purchaser has read and understands the rules of the community.  Most people sign the statement and never read the covenants until they are cited for violations. Just to be clear, the CCRs are recorded with the Secretary of State, West Virginia, when the subdivision is established and are passed with the land… Read More

Neighborhood Watch Update August 20, 2017

It appears that we are having a relatively calm year thus far concerning Neighborhood Watch incidents.  I have not received any calls regarding incidents and have heard of only two items that centered around the parking lot at the pool.  Let me remind you that we have surveillance cameras around the pool area and the data is recorded.  So if there is an incident in the pool area, we may be able to review the tapes and come up with pertinent information.Once again neighborhood watch is really just about knowing the people who live in your immediate vicinity.  If you… Read More

Gazebo Use Open to All! August 20, 2017

Spring Mills has a community gazebo that may be reserved by residents for private events.  If you wish to reserve a specific date, please contact the Association to ensure the date is available. Please note that reserved gazebo use expires at 8:00 PM, and no glass or alcohol are permitted.  It is acceptable for you to provide and set up additional tables, chairs, and decorations, as desired – just make sure all items, including trash is removed at the conclusion of your event.   There is no fee for use.      Read More

(Un) Common Courtesy August 20, 2017

As the managing agent for the Spring Mills community, I am most often the recipient of concerns and complaints, whether it be about a provided service, common area maintenance or repair issue, or a complaint regarding another Spring Mills resident.  Unfortunately the latter is all too common, and is usually a simple matter of uncourteous behavior. Over the past several months we have seen an increase in receipt of these complaints - others’ driving at unsafe speeds within the neighborhood, parking in an unauthorized area or manner, allowing a pet to do its business without proper cleanup, generating excessive noise,… Read More

August President’s Message August 20, 2017

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the summer. Although we’ve had a bit of much needed rain, heavy from time to time, overall we’ve had beautiful weather. It is great to see how wonderful the neighborhood looks and the pride everyone takes in their homes and property. If you’ve been to the pool you may have noticed the new toilets and handrails in the bathrooms. I wanted to thank everyone for their patience when the pool was closed due to equipment failure. The closure was minimal due to the extraordinary efforts of our pool staff, Ed Flake, Tammy… Read More

What have I gotten into? August 20, 2017

I had never heard of a “Common Interest Community” when I moved into Spring Mills and volunteered to serve on the Board of Directors of the Association.  Truth is, it was three or four years later when I started studying what an HOA management thing was. Here’s the deal; in the state of West Virginia, when a developer is starting a subdivision like Spring Mills, they are required by law to incorporate an association to eventually manage the community.  They must file certain documents with the original plot plans that become a part of the development and are attached to… Read More

June 2017 Minutes Available July 28, 2017

June 2017 Meeting Minutes Read More

May 2017 Minutes Available June 23, 2017

May 2017 Meeting Minutes Read More

April Minutes Available May 26, 2017

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More Speed Bumps May 14, 2017

In response to continued complaints of speeding within the community, the Board of Directors has approved the addition of four new speed bumps in Spring Mills.  The new speed bumps will be installed by Jeter Paving following West Virginia standards, and will be located as follows: Morningside Drive near the first row of townhomes Dartmouth Lane at the intersection of Jamestown Drive Yale Lane at the intersection of Amherst Lane Amherst Lane at the intersection of Yale Lane Almost all of these speed bumps will be placed at intersections with stop signs to help prevent the continual and dangerous running… Read More

Community Yard Sale June 17th May 6, 2017

The Spring Mills Community Yard Sale will be held on Saturday, June 17. We can expect a lot of buyers from around the area.You can set up and close up at any time you want. The advertised hours will be 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. The Goodwill truck will be at the tennis courts from 1 - 3pm.Now is a great time to clean out the garage, attic, basement and closets! Read More

March Meeting Notes April 19, 2017

The March 2017 Meeting Notes are now available. Read More

February Meeting Minutes March 24, 2017

The February 2017 Minutes are now available. Read More

Annual Meeting Notes February 17, 2017

The 2017 Annual Meeting Notes are available for those who could not attend. Read More

January Meeting Minutes February 17, 2017

The January 2017 Minutes are now available. Read More

From Our Community Manager January 18, 2017

From your Community Manager ~ As we are fast approaching the one-year mark from when Clagett Management first began working with the Spring Mills community, I would like to take a moment to say that I continue to be impressed with the residents and volunteers at Spring Mills – what a great community this is!  From the well-maintained properties and kind people to the many amenities, social events, and dedicated leadership team, everything is top notch!  Everyone does their part to maintain Spring Mills as a premier community in Berkeley County.  Not only does this ensure a great “quality of… Read More

President's Message January 11, 2017

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has had a wonderful, safe and Happy New Year. The neighborhood decorations were amazing. I don’t think there was one street that was not awash in colorful splendor. 2017 is off to a great start and I’m excited to see what it has in store. I’m sure it will be another truly exciting year. We are in great financial shape and as I write this article we are finalizing the 2017/2018 Fiscal Year budget. Our community continues to grow as more neighbors move in. Our growth is a positive thing and speaks volumes in… Read More

Spring Mills Snow Removal Reminder January 1, 2017

Snow Removal Policy Reminder Snow will be removed from the streets when it accumulates 4 inches or more. When there's a major storm, snow removal will begin when the storm is over. In case of large accumulations, the plows will clear one lane on each street first and then return to clear the streets completely. This allows emergency vehicles to access all homes as soon as possible. Streets on hills will be salted if icy. Gravel from the sides of the streets might get pushed into yards. This is unavoidable, and it is the responsibility of the resident to return… Read More

November 2016 Meeting Notes December 23, 2016

Please click the link to view the Novemer 2016 BOD Notes Read More

Snow Removal Policy Reminder December 15, 2016

Snow will be removed from the streets when it accumulates 4 inches or more. When there's a major storm, snow removal will begin when the storm is over. In case of large accumulations, the plows will clear one lane on each street first and then return to clear the streets completely. This allows emergency vehicles to access all homes as soon as possible. Streets on hills will be salted if icy. Gravel from the sides of the streets might get pushed into yards. This is unavoidable, and it is the responsibility of the resident to return the gravel back to… Read More