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When “Stop” means “Stop”!

August 20, 2017

When I go for my morning walk around the neighborhood I am always impressed with the way our community maintains its property.  Walking down tree lined streets and admiring the gardens and plantings is impressive.  My estimate is that 98% of our community is picture quality all the time.

What does concern me though is the disrespect a few of our residents show our traffic management efforts.  As we have grown and some of our homes have turned over through the years, we seem to have accumulated a few people who think the speed limit signs are a quaint suggestion, and our red stop signs as irrelevant.  Almost daily I see vehicles careening through signed intersections racing down the street.

Even the speed bumps we all hate seem to pose a challenge to some who try to see how fast they can go from bump to bump.  The temptation is to keep adding speed bumps until our streets are a washboard – perhaps this would slow them down. (Obvioulsy no one wants this.)

I recently attended a meeting with the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Deputy and we discussed our traffic situation. The Deputy laid out some options wherein the Sheriff’s Department can become involved with reckless drivers in the community. Word to the wise, if you are one of the few, you may get a knock on the door!  Self control is better – please slow down and respect your neighbors.

Bob Ayrer, Treasurer