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(Un) Common Courtesy

August 20, 2017

As the managing agent for the Spring Mills community, I am most often the recipient of concerns and complaints, whether it be about a provided service, common area maintenance or repair issue, or a complaint regarding another Spring Mills resident.  Unfortunately the latter is all too common, and is usually a simple matter of uncourteous behavior.

Over the past several months we have seen an increase in receipt of these complaints - others’ driving at unsafe speeds within the neighborhood, parking in an unauthorized area or manner, allowing a pet to do its business without proper cleanup, generating excessive noise, or just generally being a less than desirable neighbor.  We hope that this trend will not continue!  

As members of a community, whether as a property owner or as a renter, we each have an obligation to follow the established rules, which should also include “rules” of common courtesy.  If everyone does their part, all residents will enjoy an atmosphere of COMMUNITY, something immeasurable but highly important when it comes to maintaining a desirable quality of living.
Please take a moment to reflect on how your actions may affect others around you – let’s all do our part to keep Spring Mills great!

~ Community Manager Heather Field, Clagett Management