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Neighborhood Watch Update

August 20, 2017

It appears that we are having a relatively calm year thus far concerning Neighborhood Watch incidents.  I have not received any calls regarding incidents and have heard of only two items that centered around the parking lot at the pool.  Let me remind you that we have surveillance cameras around the pool area and the data is recorded.  So if there is an incident in the pool area, we may be able to review the tapes and come up with pertinent information.

Once again neighborhood watch is really just about knowing the people who live in your immediate vicinity.  If you know what “normal” looks like, you will be able to spot something that isn’t normal.  That’s when the “If you See something, Say something” axiom comes into play.  Remember that our Association does not have any police powers, so you need to call the Sheriff’s Department (304-267-7000).  This would apply to vandalism, damaged mail boxes, your vehicle being broken in to (or just rifled if you forgot to lock it) or any other incidents.  If you have an emergency, please call 911.  Also, the standard cautions of keeping your vehicle locked, keeping items in your vehicle out of sight, keeping your garage door shut (day and night) and securing your home (again day and night) will serve you well in preventing temptations and actual crimes.  

If you do have an incident, I would appreciate a call about the incident so that we can be aware of possible trends of trouble in the Community.  Have a blessed rest of the Summer.  John Birl – Neighborhood Watch coordinator 304 274 2888