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Martinsburg, WV 25401

December 3, 2017

In a perfect world, as an HOA we would love for every property owner, resident, and guest to maintain their property appropriately and abide by courteous and lawful behavioral standards at all times.  Unfortunately, reality dictates otherwise.

Although we have relatively few issues of non-compliance in Spring Mills, it does occur – whether it be a property with knee-high grass, trash cans left out regularly, or a documented and repeated nuisance such as a noisy business being run out of a home or garage.  So what happens next?

We always prefer to start the enforcement process with a “friendly reminder,” and often times that is all it takes to remedy a non-compliant situation.  If further action is needed, Spring Mills’ governing documents allow for the Association’s Board of Directors to make and enforce reasonable rules and regulations, as well as to impose reasonable monetary fines.  Although authority currently exists to do just that, the Board of Directors is currently working on a specific policy that would detail the enforcement process, making it simple for owners to understand the ramifications of non-compliance – whether by them, their guests, or their tenants.

The Board of Directors intends to finalize and adopt such a policy at the November Board of Directors meeting.  Note that meetings are typically held monthly on the third Tuesday, and are held at the Bedington Volunteer Fire Department.  Owners are welcome to attend to observe the Board in action!

~ Community Manager Heather Field, Clagett Management