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Volunteers Needed

December 3, 2017

Dear Friends and Neighbors:

For the past twelve years I have had the privilege of serving on your association Board of Directors in various functions from Compliance Officer to President; currently I am the Treasurer.  When I joined the Board I told everyone that I had two motivations in serving, protecting the value of my property and maintain the quality of the neighborhood – the two are connected.

When I joined the Board we were fortunate to have Board members with practical business experience because the developer handed us a box of papers and a few dollars to get started and said “good luck.”  For twelve years I have been on a continuous learning curve as to that it takes to run a common interest community in West Virginia.  I found that it is not something you can learn in one, three-year term.  Time dictates that I will be retiring from the Board at the end of this fiscal year.

In the beginning we had the title of “Board of Directors” but in fact we were a board of managers.  We managed the books, searched out and negotiated with contractors, insurance agents and other service providers.  We did the assessment billings and managed the collections of past due accounts.  We negotiated with the bank. We answered complaints; we enforced the covenants and restrictions.  We tried to do it all.

As the community grew, so did the workload.  We began using outside service providers for our bookkeeping and accounting.  We began using a mail service to handle the newsletter and assessment mailings.   However, the growth of the community increased the workload faster than we could outsource.  

Each year we would ask the community for volunteers to serve on the Board of Directors but the volunteers got fewer and fewer.  Finally we threw up our hands and engaged a professional community management company.  Now the Board of Directors is no longer a “Board of Managers.”  

Our fiscal year ends April 30th.  Shortly after the first of the year you will see invitations to serve on the Board; it is no longer a back-breaking job for a volunteer.  When the invitation comes, if you have a little time to help maintain the quality of our neighborhood please consider stepping up – we all need to protect the value of our homes by maintaining our community.

It has been an honor to work with these Boards of Directors and serve this great community.

Bob Ayrer, Treasurer