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We Need Your Help!

June 2, 2018

We Need Your Help!

It is very sad for me to see no one is interested in serving on the Spring Mills Board. When we were given the responsibility of managing the Spring Mills Community in 2005, many residents stepped up to the challenge. It was my feeling this was important. As a property owner, I wanted do my part to help keep this development in good condition.

If you are an owner you should be also concerned about the condition of your development, and keeping the value of your home growing. Since the home owners took over in 2005, the board has worked very hard to make this an outstanding community. As you know we reached a point when we realized that it was necessary to hire a professional management company. However we still need a board to make the final decisions. Right now the board has been scaled down to 5 members. What has happened, is that age has finally caught up with some board members. I have served since the very beginning, which is over 13 years. President 5 years, 2 years,as VP, and since then in various capacities. What's strange is when I was president, I was working 60 hours plus a week and was able to get the work done for the association. My job was very important but so was the job of managing the association. I am disappointed when people say “I am too busy to help out!”

Please evaluate your time situation. We need leaders to step-up and help our community. Call me if you are interested, or need more information as to what is required of a board member. I hope to hear from some residence who are willing to learn more about what our board does.

Thank you taking the time to read this memo.

Ed Flake 304-274-1166