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Renting at Spring Mills

Spring Mills is a safe and peaceful community that is growing just like the surrounding area. As with any growth, change are inevitable. Residents come and go, buy and sell. Thanks to our community being one of the most desirable in the county, many owners decide to hold onto their property and rent it. Below is some additional information for both landlords and rentals.

Preparing to Rent

Homeowners should notify the HOA if they plan to rent their home. In addition to notifying the HOA of your intentions, you must provide your new address and contact information. If you do not provide the Spring Mills HOA new information, we will continue to send newsletters, invoices and community information to your residence in Spring Mills. If your tenant fails to forward your mail, homeowners will still be responsible for any late payments.

Homeowners should also switch your insurance policy to a landlord property insurance policy to cover any losses due to tenant’s negligence, natural disasters, fire or water damage.

Rule Enforcement & Landlord Responsibilities

All Spring Mills residents, whether owner or renter, are expected to follow the CC&Rs and Rules and Regulations. 

Landlords are required to do the following when they rent out their home for each new renter:

  • Landlords must provide a set of governing documents (CC&Rs) and rules to renters before move in.
  • HOA rules & regulations must be a condition of all rental agreements.
  • Landlords are held accountable for renter infractions; including any fines incurred by renter.
  • Renters must communicate requests to the HOA through the landlord.
  • Landlord should provide a copy of each rental agreement to ensure compliance with the HOA’s standards and for emergency contact purposes.

Renter Violations

If there is a fine for the rule violation, it will be assessed against the landlord, not the tenant, but the landlord can recoup the amount if the lease stipulates.  If a renter continues to break HOA rules or be a nuisance to the community, the HOA may pursue appropriate legal action against the landlord.

If a tenant breaks a law or commits a crime, neighbors should report it directly to local law enforcement. The HOA is not the police.

Who Pays the HOA fees?

The landlord/property owner is responsible to pay all HOA fees and fines. It is not the renters responsibly to pay HOA dues and fees.

How do I get access to the pool?

Access to the Spring Mills Community Park is a privilege that comes with living in our development. To receive your pool pass you must contact your landlord. Renters must receive the pool pass from their landlord. No resident will be issued a pool pass unless all dues and, if applicable, fines are paid.

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